Call Forwarding and Accessing the QC Voicemail System Remotely

Call Forwarding

It is possible to forward your campus phone calls to another number such as your home or mobile phone. Contact telephone services by emailing Buddy Sanichar ( or Hau Tra ( and providing your QC phone extension and the number you would like to have it forwarded to.

Instructions for the QC Voicemail System

To Initialize Your Voicemail:

  1. Call the system by dialing 79999 from your telephone.

  2. Enter your initial password 0000 and then change it to your permanent password (Minimum 4 Digits)

  3. Record your name (recorded name is used as a person identifier for a mailbox) and a personal greeting (Your personal greeting is played to anyone calling or being transferred to your mailbox) follow system prompt to the end.

Retrieving Messages From Your Voice Mailbox:

  1. From Your Office Phone:

  2. Call the internal CX-E Phone Number 79999

  3. Enter your password

  4. Follow Prompts

From Outside, Off Campus:

  1. Call the CX-E Phone Number (718) 997-4545

  2. Indicate you are a Subscriber by pressing the Pound Key #

  3. Enter your Mailbox Number

  4. Enter your password.

  5. Follow Prompts.

  6. You may also access your voicemail at