Web/Application Based Whiteboards


Supported systems

  • Windows

  • Mac

  • IOS/Android Tablet

AWW App is shutting down

AWW App is joining Miro, a global provider of visual whiteboard collaboration platforms. AWW App will shut down on April 30, 2021. Until that date, you’ll be able to log in and access your AWW App boards. To keep your board content, you must download your boards as images prior to April 30, 2021. Your board content will no longer be available after this date.

Read the FAQs and learn more about the transition.

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Whiteboard

  • Included in Blackboard courses

  • Canvas size does not adjust to size of diagram or drawing

  • Limited tools

  • Can upload a PowerPoint fie, image, or pdf. (However, the file size is limited to 60 MB or less).

  • Whiteboard page is not persistent; there is no export to pdf/png option. To save if for future reference, make a screenshot.

  • Instructor controls access permissions

Supported systems

Supported browsers


  • Integrated into ZOOM

  • Canvas size does not adjust to size of diagram or drawing

  • Cannot insert files for annotating using ZOOM whiteboard.

  • Whiteboard can be saved as image files automatically

  • Instructor controls access permissions

Supported systems

  • Windows

  • Mac

  • IOS

  • Android

Desktop/Device based Whiteboards

Microsoft Office Options

Microsoft Office Suite comes with integrated drawing tools for several of their applications (Including Word, and Excel) .

Many of them are compatible and available on both Windows and Mac operating systems (with still present, but slightly less functionality for IOS and Android tablet systems).

Like with all whiteboarding tools, they work best when paired with an appropriate drawing tool such as a Wacom Tablet, or a touch screen computer with stylus (such as the Microsoft Surface).

The main disadvantage is it is less possible for students to live collaborate on the tool at the same time, and making it available to students afterwards requires additional steps.

Office tools with added functionality/features are listed below.


Microsoft OneNote is the most full featured option for the desktop based whiteboard. It allows organizing notes by class, using Ink to Text/Math conversion and inserting and annotation of multiple file types (ie: Word, PowerPoint, PDF).


Supported systems

  • Windows

  • Mac

  • IOS, Android Tablets


Microsoft Powerpoint allows direct annotation on slides.

  • Included with the campus Office licence (email Helpdesk@qc.cuny.edu if you require it to be installed on your campus machine).

  • Doesn't require a different software if you are already using powerpoint.

  • Is automatically "full screen" without having to take additional steps (helpful if you are using the WACOM tablet).

  • Easy to use- but limited functionality (only allows direct drawing, no inserting of shapes or graphs)

  • Ink annotations can be saved, with the new "annotations", so those can be saved as well.


Supported systems

  • Windows

  • Mac


Graphics tablets

If you don't already have a device that easily supports digital whiteboards, we recommend purchasing a graphics tablet.

Wacom - One by Wacom Creative Pen Tablet (Small) ($60-70)

  • Windows and Mac compatible

  • Approximately the same drawing surface as an iPad pro.


  • Easy to use, more affordable, compatible with many device types.


  • There is a bit of a learning curve in use and set up.

Tablets (ie: iPad)

An iPad can be a valuable tool for whiteboarding since many people already have it and use it for other purposes. However, in order to easily use as a Digital Whiteboard, one might require the purchase of an Apple Pencil ($80 with education discount).

If one does not already have an iPad, the cheapest option is currently $309 (with education discount).


  • Can be used for more than just whiteboarding.

  • Can look where you are drawing (unlike a graphics tablet).


  • Use of a cheap stylus requires awkward hand placement (hovering hand over iPad instead of resting it on the surface).

  • Purchase of an Apple Pencil requires additional cost.