Low Tech/"Easy" Plan

What about a low tech plan?

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the process of having to suddenly move your course online, there are ways to continue teaching that don't require sophisticated tech tools. We don’t recommend this as a long term solution, but recognize that sometimes we must respond to needs in the moment.

Email: Contact your students using Blackboard, CUNYfirst, or QC Navigate.

  • Include links to videos from Youtube, YouTube’s CrashCourse, Ted Talks, or Khan Academy. You can also attach articles or links to blog posts.

  • Provide students with a discussion prompt and instruct them to “reply to all” to conduct a class discussion. Email students an assignment and require that they submit it to you via email.

  • There is life beyond live lectures. Take a look at IDD Blog's approach to "low bandwidth" distant teaching.

Mobile phone conference calls:


Your students are also suddenly in a new environment and situation; they haven't necessarily arranged in advance to meet the demands of a traditional fully online course.

For that reason, try to make your course content as easy to access as possible. Embrace tools that allow students to dial in, or even better- be performed asynchronously. If you are using recorded lectures, host them on a tool that allows them to easily stream and download them. An example is your Queens College Google Drive, which comes with unlimited storage.