Google Meet

Regarding the recent announcement about transitioning from the Queens College Google Suite

CTL has no information beyond what is contained in the announcement. We will discuss strategies in the next few weeks and will keep the QC faculty informed via posts on this site and the Keep Teaching website.

Google Meet Recording Bug

There is a bug when using the Google Classroom Generated Google Meets, wherein the first person who enters the Meet can mute or remove participants, start recording and will be the owner of the recording.

We recommend that you disable the automatically generated Google Meet link in Classroom and generate your own Google Meet using

If a student has already recorded your meeting, please request that they transfer ownership to you.

Google is aware of this bug but we don't yet have a timeline for the resolution. Updates will be posted here.

Google Meet

Google Meet is a video conferencing tool that can also be used to meet with your students. An important distinction is unlike Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, the professors do not have the same degree of moderating control. Therefore, we do not recommend Google Meet as a Virtual Classroom tool for large classes.

Our recommended method for easily setting up a Google Meet Video conference quickly and painlessly.

In depth tutorials and help documentation for all aspects of Google Meet

Checking Audio and Video Requirements- Testing the system and making sure you can support a Google Meet

Start a Google Meet

Invite your students

Customize video meetings

Share resources in a video meeting

Changes to Google Meet

Google Meet is a video conferencing tool available through your QC G Suite account. Several premium features are changing and you should be aware of them. If you do not use these specific premium features in Google Meet, there is no action required on your part.

Recording Google Meets

If you are using the Google Meet recording feature, please be aware it will be changing. The exact date of this change is unknown at the moment, but we will do our best to give you a month of notice prior to it taking place.

Once the transition is implemented, recordings made using Google Meet will expire after 30 days and cannot be downloaded, copied or shared outside of the QC G Suite environment. This has no impact on existing recordings, and will only impact recordings that are made after the transition has fully taken place.

Since it is possible this change will be happening while the semester is in progress, we recommend being familiar and prepared with alternatives if required.


Participant Limits to 100 in Google Meets

Starting September 30th, Google Meets will be limited to 100 maximum participants (including the professor).