Google Classroom

Regarding the recent announcement about transitioning from the Queens College Google Suite

Please visit Transitioning from QC G Suite for Education for guides on how to migrate your files.


Assignments tend to be documents, presentations or reports that a student would normally physically hand in. If that's not possible, you can collect assignments using Google Classroom.

You can quickly assess your students' understanding with automatic and manual grading tools. Specify correct answers, points, and give feedback for correct and incorrect responses. Identify frequently missed questions that need further review in the response summary.

Discussion boards

Discussion boards are a great way to get students discussing a topic in writing. They work best for open-ended discussions rather than for content delivery. They can be set up to limit access to other students’ replies until after they have posted their own response. Professors can encourage discourse by having students post a response to a prompt, and then requiring them to respond to their classmates’ posts with meaningful responses. Such responses should go beyond mere statements that agree with the comment they are replying to and encourage further discussion. A sample rubric for assessing these replies can be found here.

  • Provides a virtual face-to-face environment;

  • Has the ability to share one’s computer screen for sharing of ideas and resources

  • Where applicable, meeting recordings can be used for future review.