Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is a a video conferencing and virtual classroom tool that exists within your Blackboard Course. It allows you to share Powerpoints and resources with your students, host small group discussions, and conduct polls. For best results and access to all features- you must use Google Chrome web browser

Getting Started: Finding your way around, setting up audio and video

Schedule Collaborate Ultra Sessions: Set up new sessions, Edit availability

Share Content: Share Powerpoint slides, the Virtual Whiteboard, your screen

Manage Attendees: Understanding the different roles, handling "Hand raising", allowing a student to speak.

Breakout groups: Setting up the groups.

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra allows students to automatically be assigned to “break-out groups” within the same Collaborate Session. Essentially, the students attending the collaborate session are split into groups of a specific size (as determined by the professor) within the Collaborate session. This gives each group more ability to discuss topics at hand to a greater degree than they could in the larger online environment. After a set amount of time determined by the instructor, students are returned to the main room. This can be done in conjunction with a Google Slides presentation where each student group works on a slide in a collaboratively shared document.

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Reference Guide

How to Set up Collaborate on a Mobile Device

Additional Information on how to use Collaborate on mobile devices.

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra: Quick Tutorial

Please note:

To accommodate the increased demand, Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is temporarily disabling the following infrequently used tools:

• Timer (a countdown timer that helps with classroom time management)
• Chat typing indicator (a visual indicator that someone is typing but have not yet completed their thought. The chat feature itself will still be available.)
• Netstats indicator (a visual indicator of connection quality next to each user)
• Reducing the number of video thumbnails from 4 to 2 (this is the maximum number of thumbnails visible in the grid view)

The removal of these features will not significantly impact the overall Collaborate user experience, which will still include video, screen sharing, chat, a virtual whiteboard, and other favorite features.