Resources for Faculty Supporting Students

Resources for Supporting Student Wellness & Mental Health in the COVID-19 Crisis

(Compiled on March 31, 2020 by Drs. David Rivera & Sara Woolf,

Department of Educational & Community Programs)

How to support each other, your students, or others who are in distress.

  • As you interact, be present to what is being said by employing the V-A-R method of active listening (from Active Minds: ):

    1. Validate: Let the person know what they are experiencing is okay and that you are empathetic to what they are sharing. Example, “I’m sorry you are struggling right now.”

    2. Appreciate: Someone sharing a challenge is a challenge, express appreciation for their courage. Example, “Thank you for sharing with me.”

    3. Refer: You do not have to solve their issues. Refer them to appropriate support depending on the nature of the issue. Example, “Sometimes a mindfulness activity can help destress in the moment. Have you heard of” or “You might want to contact crisis text line (text 741-741), they can provide support via text in the moment at any time.”

  • Using Emotional Intelligence to cope with COVID-19. This resource was created by our own Dr. John Pellitteri along with his colleagues from the International Society for Emotional Intelligence. Here is the link:


Queens College resources

Counseling, Health, & Wellness Center:

Knight’s Table Food Pantry:

Student Services:

Emergency funds via Student Services:

Provost’s emergency website: (which includes a Staying Healthy page:

Corona Virus Updates and Resources:

Online and virtual wellness and mental health supports

Crisis Text Line ( Text “Home” to 741-741. Crisis Text Line and offers free, on-demand crisis counseling using text messaging as a means to improve the critically needed access to crisis counseling. Trained Crisis Counselors are available 24/7 to receive texts and respond quickly to provide support.

National Alliance of Mental Health resource specific to coping with COVID-19:

7 Cups (

      • Free supportive chats and affordable online therapy resources.

Active Minds (

      • Mental health awareness and support for young adults.

Mental Health Apps

      • Headspace; Talkspace; Calm; Moodfit; MoodMission; Insight Timer. A resource with recorded mindfulness meditations that you can use in class or provide to students for their use.

The Steve Fund Knowledge Center: This is a repository of various resources to help people understand and address mental health issues focused on students of color.


Jed Foundation Resource: Starting the Conversation: College and Your Mental Health. This is a comprehensive guide to understanding college student mental health.


New York State Office of Mental Health Emotional Support Line = 844-863-9314

Filing for unemployment in New York State:

Resources for a variety of financial assistance issues: